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The Magnet
The magnet in the picture has a ~8.5 inch pole piece
the coils cooling lines were undamaged when purchased (probably due to its storage in the Oregon desert).
the coils are also continuous and have a reasonable inductance so I'm not too concerned about them (the numbers do not readily come to mind, I'll update them in the future)

The Vacuum Tank
[Insert CAD drawing here]
The chamber will likely be a octagonal design with lids integrated into the pole pieces. The chamber will be closed as the uprights of the magnet c frame are pulled together.
One port for future beam extraction (veiwport for now)
One port for ion source feedthoughs (power gas etc.)
One Port for vacuum pumping
One port for beam intercept target
One port for Dee RF
One port for ion source view

RF System
Likely a signal source with a pre-amp and a main linear amp
Probably on the order of =< 1kW forward power, with an auto-transmatch

more to come