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Thread: Driven Resonance, Intentionally

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    Driven Resonance, Intentionally

    This summer we plan to install a set of poletips specifically designed to drive a destructive resonance. The present set of 12-inch weak focusing poletips were perfectly designed to deliver the beam to the largest possible radius before getting a chance to fully encounter the n=0.2 (Walkinshaw) resonance.

    Being an educational machine, we will take the opportunity to make a set of poletips that no accelerator designer would ever dream of building. These will bring the resonance location well within the DEE so we should be able to see an axial resonant blow up.

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    And two more since we have a 5-image limit:

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    Two weeks ago we installed the new pole tips that were designed to drive the resonance. They worked beautifully !


    The above image is one of the new pole tips machines by the Rutgers Physics Dept Machine Shop.

    Here they are installed


    And with operating beam :


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