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Thread: The Argonne National Lab 60-Inch Cyclotron

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    The Argonne National Lab 60-Inch Cyclotron

    The ANL 60-inch cyclotron was the first commercially manufactured cyclotron, its sister at Brookhaven National Lab was the second and was mostly identical (my next thread). It was built by Collins Radio (renown for their broadcast transmitters), under the direction of Winfred Salisbury, a descendant from Berkeley. This is a photo from the 1950's, around the time of its first operation. I had the pleasure to speak with an individual who was present for the unleashing of the beam into the air. He said that they placed a wooden 2x4 into the beam and that made a sound like sizzling bacon.


    I visited the ANL cyclotron lab in 1998 and snapped a few of my own photos.


    This was a neat place, but it was to be demolish just a few months after my visit. The primary beam steering magnet was 12-Inches in diameter, and I asked if I could have it. I was told "sure, if you can move it." We did, and it is the magnet of the Rutgers 12-Inch cyclotron.


    The ANL cyclotron was indeed demolished, cut into little pieces.


    The pole pieces quartered:


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    Collins logo and the control room?

    Tim, were there still any of the Collins logos on it?
    Was the control room still there or had it been scrapped
    earlier on? Ed#

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