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Thread: Cyclotron Research Project

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    Cyclotron Research Project


    My name is Kelsey O'Connor. I am a Space Physics major at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona. I am hoping to build a 1 MeV - 4 MeV cyclotron as a university sponsored research project. The cyclotron will be used to supplement physics courses at the school as well as be used for, hopefully, publishable research. The project is currently in its infancy. I am beginning to design the cyclotron while simultaneously track down parts and apply for money. Any advise/help is much appreciated!

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    If you've an idea of what parts you require it may be worthwhile chatting to Al. He has a post in the 'parts exchange' section of the forum, and it sounds like he should be able help.

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    I got a hold of him and he has been very helpful. Thanks for the suggestion!

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