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  1. Hello my name is Austin Schneider and I am very intrigued my particle accelerators on may levels, I am currently a sophmore in Highschool and believe that building a cyclotron is the first step into my understanding of particle physics. I would love any help or advise you could contribute to my attempt at building a 150-200 keV cyclotron. I'm lost at where I should start in the construction of this machine as well as some of the parts of the design such as the DEE's and my electron source and a very important part which is how do I find how much vacuum I need to be able to achieve to reach this goal of 150-200 keV and coliding it down a linear tube into a solid structure then how to detect what has happend. If you would like to give me some insight into the development of cyclotrons shoot me an email at

    Austin Schneider
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