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  • Welcome to Cyclotrons.net!

    All of us admins welcome you to Cyclotrons.net, where we aim to bring together all accelerator enthusiasts, amateur and professional. We hope that newbies will have a place to ask questions and veterans will share their passion and knowledge.

    So why is this site appearing right now? This is perhaps best explained with a little story.

    As an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, Tim Koeth caught a bug--that is, he became fascinated with the intricate machines known as cyclotrons.

    It took him a few years to collect an appropriate magnet, amplifier, proton source, and more. It also was a challenge for him to find space for his equipment. But in no time, Tim's hard work paid off, and he had a proton beam. Others joined Tim in his continuing effort to build a bigger and better machine. One of his fellow cyclotroneers is Jim Krutzler, who recently built a beautiful PLC interlock system and remote monitoring setup. Jim joins us as an admin of this site, and his server graciously hosts Cyclotrons.net.

    In the decade since Tim's first protons were born, he has mentored a number of students, including me. Over the years, Tim and his colleagues amassed such technical prowess that they joined forces to create a startup company called Cyclotronix, which now sponsors this site.

    Neither Tim nor I are unique in our atom-smashing obsession. Both of us are constantly flooded with questions from people with projects in various states of completion. Cyclotrons.net came from Tim's recognition that the growing small-cyclotron community needs a place where everyone can share their ideas (and their spare parts). And that is what we invite you to do!